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© 2021, Francis Entereso


Nifty Monsters are sociable comic creatures.
They're hilarious, weird, awkward, over-the-top expressive and adorable.
They like to inspire fun with their knack to overreact, make people laugh,
and desire to participate in social trends.

Handcrafted Minimalist Style
Frame-by-frame Animation
Voiced Over
Memeable Expressions
The Need for Graphic Expression

Twitter just previewed how the platform will soon be able to verify profile pictures as legit NFTs. See here. The preview even included a "Collectible" tab that can showcase a user's NFT collection. It's not hard to assume that NFT Verification will also be possible for artworks attached in tweets. When that happens, hype will move from PFPs to a class of fun, conversationally expressive NFTs u can actually insert in your posts.

Rarity & Scarcity
  • Each NFT artwork is 1 of 10.

  • No templates are used as base for each monster's design.

  • Because of the art style used, the non-templated approach, and the nature of frame-by-frame animation, each NFT artwork is 100% handcrafted. No component is auto-generated.

  • The current NFTs in production are short animated scenes that feature the first ever appearances of each monster, called "first sightings". Each first sighting NFT grants its owner the title of Nifty Boonster  (see next section "Accreditation") 

NFT Owner Accreditation

While the main purpose of each Nifty Monster is to entertain and interact with social media audiences, their parallel goal is to nurture the reputation and popularity of each other and their "Nifty Boonsters". Given prior consent, whenever a Nifty Monster appears on future projects such as short animated webisodes or put on display to be showcased, the name of that monster's boonster may be accredited. 

100 characters

Each time a series sells out, the next series of 10 nifty monsters comes into production until 100 is created.

Online Merch Store

Merch will be available when either @niftymonsters on TikTok or @10niftymonsters on Twitter reaches 500 followers.

Road Map
About the creator
Why create
Nifty Monsters?
What's included
with the NFT?

Hello and welcome! I'm Francis, a graphic/web designer turned indie game developer (my released works here). Making NFT art has been my recent creative venture since taking a deeper dive in learning about Web3 and the Metaverse. I'm starting small projects like this one to gain experience in this growing space and be able to incorporate NFTs into my future indie projects.

The NFT community has seen a lot of awesome PFP projects being prevalent and taking over the market. To contribute to making NFTs more mainstream, I felt it would be a good idea for this space to introduce more of what I'd like to call "conversational art": art that uses graphic expressions of one's mood or thoughts as a way to invite or respond in social interactions — like emojis and memes but uses its crafted aesthetics to drive and house the value it generates from proving its relatability the more it is shared. 


Rather than be used as avatars for self-representation, Nifty Monsters hold personalities of their own. Apart from their nature as collectibles that can be attributed to their collectors, they are able to express moods and thoughts on behalf of any individual.

1. 4000x4000px MP4 with Audio (voiced over)

2. 4000x4000px MP4 with no audio (for your custom voice over)

* Both files have no branding, no watermarks, hosted on IPFS, and character centered with generous spacing around the edges for cropping to whatever format you like.

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