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Game update! OneMan v1.1 is now live!

Updated: May 13, 2020

Since the initial release, I've gotten a lot of great feedback from players who liked the game as is, and those who wished for more features. So I've spent a lot of time revising the gameplay's mechanics and overall structure. The greatest challenge was to figure out how to integrate more features without ruining the game's simplicity. Keeping it straightforward and clutter-free is paramount.

So that and taking a lot of awesome suggestions to heart, the following are what's new:

New characters: FirstJobEvah, Olforr Adawg and Influensaur now available!

New items and powerups - I was torn on implementing this one as some players really like the simplicity of the gameplay while others wanted more. So I'm hoping that by making powerups optional would cater to both. Stamina doesn't only appear randomly in the game, you can now also choose to start with some. Power Capsules give you random things: Berserk (now available as a power up, 3-second invincibility), Blackout (3-second auto-attack so long as you don't touch the screen), 1000 gold (that gets multiplied depending on how well you do), and "gold stubs" (tickets to play the bonus round).

New Bonus Round - gives you 5x the gold you would earn in a normal round, or 10x if you score as far as 400, and an additional 50k jackpot if you reach 750. I thought it would excite players to have a round where they'd be determined give it their best shot to score more knowing the rewards are going to be big.

New Speed Ranking - you earn more gold, powerups and bonuses the faster you play. I found that some players who thought the game was too easy never realized that they're supposed to play fast because there's a time limit that shortens the higher you score. I'm hoping to change that a little by putting some emphasis on speed this time around. There is now an always present speedometer that shows players how fast they are reacting in relation to how short the time limit is becoming. The higher your SpeedRank, the higher the multiplier will be for the gold you earn. The speed of auto-attacks in the new Blackout powerup also depend on this rank at the moment of activation.

New World High Score Battle - get rewarded with 50k gold each time you score highest in the world. The one thing that drives players to play together in simple button-smashing reflex-games is competing against each other's high scores. Sadly, having GameCenter and GooglePlayGames just won't cut it. It also separates iOS and Android users. Hoping to improve this experience by putting a public world leaderboard that everyone can take part of and view anytime they want. It exists here.

"Super" now achievable at a lower score of 750 on Normal Mode, or by surviving Time Attack Mode. Also now buyable with gold via Character Select screen.

I'm excited to find out what players think of these new features!

Everyone stay safe! Just stay in and play video games! All of us game creators got your back! lol.

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