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Locked down. Break it down now. Buff-kuh-pff-kuh-pff, Kah-pff-kuh!

Only days after quitting my job, the lockdown was announced. But for some twisted reason since then, instead of desperately looking for my next 9 to 5, I found myself dedicating all that time and effort updating this ridiculously small game of mine. I'm never gonna have this opportunity again—I thought—to be able to pour everything I have into something completely mine. To learn as much as I could about the things I love doing without worry of being pressured or segued. Countless of bigger ideas had to be sacrificed just so I could say I've accomplished something of my own. Is it a great game? Feck nah, who knows. But I feel proud in that it allowed me to find things about my self I can't imagine finding else where. For one, it's the joy of having to create something for the entire world to see. That with the added bonus of potentially entertaining some people in these trying times.

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